Sunday, August 14, 2005

Let's call this a weekend wrapup.

OK, I have a few things to say, but they are a little too much for a tidbits, so I'll just address everything.

Friday Night, we played our final regular season softball game of the season. It should have been a game we won quite easily, but it turned out to be one heck of a game. After the second inning, we were getting totally hammered 15-0 by a team that we shouldn't be losing to.

We managed to tie it up 16-16 in the bottom of the 7th inning to push the game into extra innings. After a scoreless 8th thanks to a couple great defensive plays, Troy Brotherton stepped it up in the 9th inning and played with pure heart and scored a run, ending the game and securing our comeback with a great victory.

We finished the season with a 16 wins and 3 losses. The playoffs will start this week, so keep your fingers crossed.

After the game we went to Prime Thyme and sat out on the deck for an aftergame dinner. We have done this a half dozen or so times this summer, and I think this is what I'll miss the most this fall. Friday night games are so much fun.


My niece Val and her husband Bobby celebrated their second wedding anniversary this weekend. I'm thinking the actual date is Tuesday the 16th, but they had a party this weekend. If you get a chance to talk to Val, wish her and Bobby a Happy 2nd Anniversary.

I did give her a slight hand with a minor computer problem she was having this weekend, so I managed to catch up a little bit with her about a few incidents that had recent events that have taken place.


Heard a little bit of scary news about my niece Amy this weekend. I guess a guy that Amy was dating a month or so ago committed an unthinkable act last week. I guess he was arrested for killing his girlfriend at 1:30 in the morning Wed, the part that is disturbing is that he called Amy 33 minutes after she was killed. I'm very thankful that wasn't my niece who was killed. I found it kind of disturbing that he called her right after he shot the girl. I guess he got her answering machine and not her, talk about a message that will make you think. He's in Jail accused of First Degree Murder.


I went to work yesterday and took my camera with me. Frostburg State has some pictures. This is basically an image of what I have to look at when I walk out the front doors of my office. Kind of ironic how many pictures of me in my youth are centered around the sport of Baseball. I still play softball, and now I have an office where I have to look at things like this. LOL.

I did catch part of one game this spring.


Talked to Kim a little yesterday, she is feeling a little better and is starting to make some progress. Robert was actually doing some canning when I talked to her. While we were talking she said there was like seven deer in her backyard. I kept listening for a boom and never heard it.


Talk about culture shock, anyone notice gas prices lately? Last week it was $2.25 a gallon, today it is $2.55 a gallon. Since I started at VARGIS in April, gas prices have went up $0.75 a gallon. Arrgghh


Hope you had a good weekend.

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