Saturday, August 06, 2005


* OK, I'm at a little bit of a writers block, so I guess I can do a tidbits to keep the BLOG active.

* Gary called me this week and was looking for a good architectural software to use, so I gave him a copy of AutoCAD 2004. After conferring with a few people with a better background in CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) than I have, what I think Gary needs is a copy of SOFTCAD, it is a little more user friendly and maybe a designed a little more specific to his needs. I'll keep looking until I find something that is perfect for him and his needs.

* Talked to Kim a little this morning. She's still experiancing a little pain and discomfort and really hasn't been able to sleep like she wants. Other than that she is slowly recovering. It's been a slower recovery process than she initially anticipated and may have to forego running the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2005. I know she's a little disappointed, but there is always 2006.

* Talked with Mom a little bit, I think she is going to call Kim this week. They have been making steps at re-opening the lines of communication.

* Hopefully my last Christmas in West Virginia will include the entire family this year.

* I think Rich is on vacation again. He and Jean talked about finding a local farmers market so she can get some vegetables to can for this fall.

* One thing I want when I move to Frostburg is the ability to have a garden. Kim has one, Gary has one and I miss having them. It doesn't have to be a big one, just something to keep me occupied during the summers since my softball future looks limited.

* Speaking of softball, we are currently 15-3 with one game remaining in the regular season. Me no longer working in a steel mill and now sitting behind a computer all day has taken a toll on my skill level. I can't hit it as far as I once did and my arm doesn't have the zing anymore, but my love of the game is still there. Worse coems to worse, if these guys still play on Friday Nights next summer I'll come down and either play or watch them. It's a great group of guys and I have enjoyed playing with them this season.

* I just noticed Gary's new MSN name. It's Death Nipple. How in the heck do you get a name like death nipple. Sounds like a horror flick for newborns. I'm sure it's all tied to an internet game we both play called Utopia

* Football season is getting a little closer now that we are in the month of August. My three favorite teams are Morgantown High (High School), WVU (College) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (Pro). I'm already a part of three Fantasy Football Leagues. First is the Money league I play in with a few guys from my softball team that I have played with for a few years. The next two are shitz and giggles leagues with a league with people from work and one with people from Blue and Gold News.

* I would like to run a little test just to see how many people are actually reading the BLOG. If you are reading this, send a get well soon e-mail to my sister Kim at She would love to hear a few encouraging words from everyone including strangers. I guess when it makes the recovery time a little easier to deal with.

* Have a good day

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