Saturday, April 16, 2005

A nice Saturday

Today has been a pretty good day if I do have to say so myself. I initially planned on going to the WVU Football teams spring football game. Right before I went there I managed to run into Ed and Brittany. I went into Burger King and walked out of the restroom, next thing I know this little girl is running up to give me a big hug.

This made my day.

Then I go to the spring game and meet a few posters from Blue and Gold News and tailgate prior to the game. It was a beautiful day weather-wise and I loved it. I did manage to get a few random pics from today.

The team ceremonially entering the field as they traditionally do for every home game, including the spring game. There were a few thousand fans there to cheer them on. All money raised today goes to WVU's Childrens Hospital.

I looked behind me and I seen this annoying guy sitting there. The guy in the blue hat was pretending like he knew something about football.

Obviously he doesn't. Look, here he is with his play book asking for play advice from the fans. LOL

Actually, Coach Rodrigeuz was up with the fans the entire game and gave a fan a chance to call the first play of every drive in the game. It was nice having him sit behind me and hearing him call the game among the fans after getting them all involved. I'm sure it created a memory of a lifetime for a few fans and I think it went over quite well. Rich is one of us and he makes himself more visable than any other football coach I've seen here.

He was afraid to ask me for play advice, he knew if he did I would have his job before the day was over with. I think he was obviously intimidated by my vast football knowledge.

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