Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Pleasant Surprise

Talk about a pleasant unexpected surprise, I got a chance tonight to talk to my best friend from college. She left Morgantown last March and our contact has been limited to none since then.

If I remember only one person from my college years, it will be my old office mate Ginger. Tonight I was uploading some pictures on the net and I saw on my MSN messenger that I received an e-mail from her, quickly I jumped on and told her I was online. To my pleasant surprise she logged onto MSN messenger and we had a voice conversation for a good while.

We caught up on the past eight and a half months and joked around like we were still at the office together. It was a great time. She showed me her work website and caught up on old times. If you have one friend like Ginger in your lifetime, you are a lucky person.

Talk about a great birthday gift!

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