Wednesday, February 02, 2011

OK Phil, it's your day

OK Phil, king of all that he sees, today is your day. Today is the day when thousands of people will come to see you on Gobbler's Knob and will celebrate you.

It is you that controls our weather future, and Phil. yesterday at work I saw a bush outside of my office that actually has tiny little baby green leaves starting to grow on it. This has to be a good sign, I think you could ignore that shadow thing if you see it today and let us end this dreadful weather that we have experienced all winter long. Let those little green leaves turn into fully developed green leaves. Talk to Mother Nature, if you can bring spring around a little early I would be very appreciative of you.

Oh Phil, we are planning on having meatloaf for dinner tonight. Stop by this evening and we will either feed you with some great beef meatloaf or you can feed us with Michelle's Special Groundhog Meatloaf. I don't want the free Phil meat for my meatloaf, I am more than willing to buy some fresh beef and share it with you my Rhodent buddy.

Do the right thing old pal.

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